Testimonials from companies who have hosted Japanese interns

“Yukiko was a pleasant lady to work with. She is independent and works with a positive attitude. She often takes initiative and has generated many good ideas for our programming and marketing teams.”

– Non-Profit Organisation

“Hosting an intern from overseas enables both the student and the personnel in our company to improve their interpersonal skills. The intern fitted nicely into our office environment and has proven to be of valuable help. I highly recommend Singlepoint Pte. Ltd. for future internship arrangements as this experience proved beneficial for both the student and our company.”

– IT Solution Provider

“It was interesting having a Japanese graduate student intern with our company as it gives us a further understanding of foreign work cultures. it also helps to cultivate bonding and communication between individuals from different backgrounds. Most importantly, the intern has made useful observations during his or her internship stay and provided us with valuable feedback on how we can further improve the company in future.”

– Semiconductor Supplier