Testimonials from Japanese students who have completed their internship in Singapore

“It was a great learning experience. Both my communication skills and English language skills have improved a lot. I have also learnt how to read people, and how I could gain someone’s trust. Living and working abroad have taught me to be more disciplined, and gave me the confidence that I could live independently even when overseas. Furthermore, I have come to feel strongly about the importance of friendship and to appreciate the things that others have done for me.”– Hiroshi

“The people around me could speak English as well as they could speak in their Mother tongue. I was rather shy at first because I felt that my English skills were not up to par. Therefore, I was very motivated to improve my English. After work, I would put in extra time to study English. I would read an English novel during my free time or whenever I was on the train or bus. ”

– Takuma